Vadym Novynskyi: The budget deprives 800 thousand families of the right to subsidies

Vadym Novynskyi: The budget deprives 800 thousand families of the right to subsidies

About 800 thousand Ukrainian families will lose the right to subsidies next year. This was stated by MP Vadym Novynskyi, commenting on the draft state budget 2020 adopted by parliament.

According to him, the new Cabinet of Ministers continues the policy of its predecessors on reduction of social costs, including compensation for subsidies for utilities.

“Tariffs for housing and communal services do not correspond to the income level of Ukrainians, especially pensioners. Nevertheless, each government pursues the same policy to limit the number of subsidies. Every six months, the rules for calculating subsidies are reviewed, the rules for compensation are reduced, and the formula for calculating subsidies is changed. Due to the next adjustment of the formula in May, in 2020, another 800 thousand families will be deprived of subsidies. The Cabinet of Ministers artificially limits the number of recipients of subsidies and reduces their costs, as our international lenders require,” Vadym Novynskyi stated.

He added that the result of such a government policy would be a reduction in the funding of the subsidy program in 2020 by more than UAH10 billion.

“From January to August 2019, the number of recipients of state subsidies for housing and communal services increased by 24% compared to last year. But the financing of subsidies decreases from year to year: from UAH 70 billion in 2018 to UAH 55 billion in 2019, and in 2020, UAH 47.5 billion is pledged. Subsidies are just one example. The entire budget from the government is an instruction on social savings, where about 40% of all financing will be directed to paying off public debt, and about 25% - to the army and security forces. And with the rest of the funds, the state will try to live a whole year by limiting the already miserable expenses of Ukrainians,” the MP emphasized.

15 November 2019 13:29
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