Public reception of Borys Kolesnikov opened in Druzhkivka

Public reception of Borys Kolesnikov opened in Druzhkivka

Public reception of Borys Kolesnikov began work in Druzhkivka, Soborna str., 22. Now, representatives of the opposition Prime Minister’s team are ready to promptly accept complaints and suggestions from Druzhkivka residents on various issues and address them as much as possible.

Communicating with residents of Druzhkivka at the opening of the reception, Borys Kolesnikov noted the main problem of the city in the communal sphere – water supply.

“The water conduit for Druzhkivka was built in 1952 and during this time it was practically not reconstructed. Addressing this issue requires investment by the state. If this is not done today, then in five years there will be even more problems with water,” the opposition Prime Minister said.

In addition, in the region, it is necessary to attract investments for the development of industrial enterprises, the politician said. Back in 2013, agreements were reached with the Korean company “Hyundai” on the construction of an enterprise for the production of high-speed trains on the territory of the machine factory; however, due to the outbreak of the war, the plans did not materialize.

“If we succeed in attracting investments to the cities of the Donbas for the development of industry, the youth will not go away in search of a better life, but will remain in their native places,” Borys Kolesnikov is sure.

The Opposition Prime Minister paid attention to education. “This is very important because our children will come to our place. In our country, 80% of graduates go to universities, and 20% receive specialized secondary education. At the same time, 78% of young people in the world have specialized secondary education, and only 22% have a higher education. We have very weak institutions, and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of training specialists. In Druzhkivka, we are now investigating technical school, college in order to understand how we can help them. You know, in Kostiantynivka my Charitable Foundation opened a school of culinary art, which has already become one of the best in Europe. Regardless of the outcome of the elections, I will do more to improve the quality of education than all local authorities and deputies combined. I can firmly promise this,” the politician emphasized.

Referring to the issues of sports, Borys Kolesnikov noted that in 2013 in Druzhkivka the “Altair” ice arena was opened that is not in many regional centers. Currently, at its base, the largest ice school in Ukraine operates, where 1,100 students are involved in, of which 350 are Druzhkivka residents. In addition, children from other cities of the region train at the “Donbass” school. Next year, the construction of ice arenas in Mariupol and Kostiantynivka will be completed.

“This does not mean that HC “Donbass” will move from Druzhkivka. My goal is every schoolchild in these cities to have the opportunity to practice at the rink at least one hour a week for free. Now, many children in Druzhkivka attend the pool for free,” Borys Kolesnikov said.

At a meeting with a politician and philanthropist, Druzhkivka residents asked him many questions and referred complaints about the inaction of local authorities. This concerned problems with water supply, roof repair, elevator reconstruction, the quality of many other roads. All the problems of Druzhkivka residents were accepted, and Borys Kolesnikov promised to assist in their solution in the near future.

26 June 2019 14:20
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