Already the third regional organization of the “Opposition Platform – For Life” joined the OPPOSITION BLOC - now in the Kherson region

Already the third regional organization of the “Opposition Platform – For Life” joined the OPPOSITION BLOC - now in the Kherson region

The Kherson city and regional party organizations of the “Opposition Platform – For Life”, with their full membership, joined the OPPOSITION BLOC party. The reason for this decision was the presence of ambiguous candidates on the electoral party list of the “Opposition Platform – For Life”. This was announced during a press conference in Kherson by the chairman of the regional organization of the “For Life” party, Valery Kolos.

According to him, the main reason for this decision was the disagreement of the party members with the personnel policy of the party leadership, as well as the “commercialization” of the project itself.

“The activists of the party for a long time drew attention to the fact that the actions of the central leadership of the party did not correspond to the stated principles and objectives. The ordinary members of the party, our voters regularly and with concern stated about this. We hoped, what was happening was a temporary phenomenon, its cause was the current difficulties of uniting and forming organizations,” Valery Kolos stated.

As the head of the regional organization noted, after the presidential campaign the situation had only worsened. At the same time, one of the main complaints of members of the Kherson organizations of the “Opposition Platform – For Life” is personnel policy and the formation of lists of parties for participation in parliamentary elections.

“The self-rule of the party leadership, the inclusion of “according to lawlessness” 11 people, representatives of the absolute ideological enemy – Poroshenko in the entrance part of the party list, the party elite has turned into a cancer. Serhiy Lovochkin bought a number of party organizations from Rabinovych. These people openly trade in everything – posts, places in lists. For “30 pieces of silver”, the newly appeared Judas sell voters’ hopes, sell everything. No more “For Life” party.

There is some commercial education, the finding in which we consider unthinkable and unacceptable. We have made a unanimous decision – we are leaving this entity, which Rabinovych has turned into a personal commercial project, and sells everyone and everything. We are not on the way with traitors, traffickers of fortunes and cowards,” Valery Kolos emphasized. And he called for supporting the “OPPOSITION BLOC” party in the July 21 elections.

As it was reported, earlier the regional organizations in the Odesa and Mykolayiv regions declared withdrawal from the “Opposition platform – For Life” party.

15 July 2019 17:38
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