The price of “reforms”: over the past year, more than 110 thousand doctors and teachers left Ukraine, - Oleksiy Bilyi

The price of “reforms”: over the past year, more than 110 thousand doctors and teachers left Ukraine, - Oleksiy Bilyi

According to the State Statistics Service, over the past year, more than 110 thousand Ukrainians left the country in search of a better life. Oleksandr Bilyi, MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC, is convinced that despite the socially oriented slogans, the facts show the opposite – Ukraine is losing doctors and teachers, and basic medical and educational services for the population are becoming less accessible.

“As a result of the thoughtless policy of the current authorities, during the past year alone, the Ukrainian economy lost 55 thousand qualified medical professionals and 56 thousand teachers. This is a direct consequence of the “successful reforms” in the sectors, which the most mediocre parliament and government in the entire history of the country’s independence are so proud of. And indeed, how can one doubt such “specialists” if, for example, they have managed to close 700 schools, 20 vocational schools and two universities, since the beginning of the education reform,” Oleksiy Bilyi stated.

According to him, for five years, Ukraine has ceased to be a socially-oriented state. In fact, any action of the current authorities, as well as their inaction, only leads to an outflow of qualified personnel, which is the basis of the sociality of the state. The MP is sure that the situation can be broken only by the coming of these experts to power, rather than the screamers and “grantees”.

“The OPPOSITION BLOC is the only political force that has a clear step-by-step program of action for the revival of the country, including its social sphere. In the medical industry, it is the introduction of insurance medicine, the revival of free emergency medical care, ensuring the availability of medicines, equipping hospitals with modern Ukrainian equipment, and increasing the salaries of doctors.

Education will be successful when the teacher’s work is not only honorable, but also well paid. Therefore, our first step is to increase the salaries of teachers by linking them to a ratio of 1.5 to the average salary in the region. Consistent and well-thought-out, rather than hasty reforms imposed from the outside are the key to building a true social state,” Oleksiy Bilyi stressed.

07 May 2019 13:28
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