Tetiana Bakhteieva: Instead of helping patients, pharmacists can be put on trial for the sail of drugs

Tetiana Bakhteieva: Instead of helping patients, pharmacists can be put on trial for the sail of drugs

Uliana Suprun, Acting Minister of Health, called for the introduction of criminal liability for the sale of antibiotics without a prescription by pharmacists. Such a decision is another step towards the destruction of the national health care system. This was stated by MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC, member of the Parliamentary Committee on Health Tetiana Bakhteieva.

According to her, the actions of Suprun, who does not have a diploma of higher education and does not know the realities of Ukrainian health care, are aimed at the complete destruction of the medical industry and undermine the health of Ukrainians. “What is the point of making a prescription for the next package of the drug, if a treatment course has already been prescribed? Is it necessary to create additional difficulties for Ukrainians? Deficiency? A rush and an opportunity for speculation?” the MP asks.

According to the parliamentarian, the poor planning of this proposal will only lead to complications and inconveniences for the patients, but will in no way accompany their recovery. If the patient is a villager, or he is in a critical situation, every minute is precious and he needs to re-buy the prescribed medication, then he will need to go to the doctor again to get antibiotics. It takes time and effort.

Tetiana Bakhteieva suggested that such a step of Suprun is a distraction for possible deliveries of “necessary antibiotics” to Ukraine from international procurement organizations, and forcing Ukrainian doctors to prescribe them. According to her, the “reforms” of the Ministry of Health have led only to negative consequences, for which Ukrainians are paying with their health and lives. To these consequences, she attributed the failure of vaccination throughout Ukraine, the return of those diseases to the country that have already been forgotten in developed countries. Ukrainian taxpayers’ money is in the accounts of international purchasing organizations, and medicines and vaccines are not available in Ukraine.

According to the MP, the Ukrainian people have already given an assessment of the “activity” of Uliana Suprun, since at the present time, the Acting Minister of Health heads up the anti-rating of Ukrainian officials. “The attempt of Suprun to divert the Ukrainian public by her absurd statements from the lack of professionalism of the leadership of the Ministry of Healthcare is doomed to failure. It is necessary to introduce the prescription sale of antibiotics in Ukraine, not through threats of criminal prosecution, but through explanatory work with doctors, pharmacists and the population, to do this in a phased and civilized manner,” Tetiana Bakhteieva wrote on her Facebook page.
25 March 2019 16:02
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