EU-Ukraine Association Agreement should be revised, - Yevhen Muraiev

EU-Ukraine Association Agreement should be revised, - Yevhen Muraiev

The leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC Yevhen Muraiev noted the need to revise the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

According to the oppositionist, having signed the Agreement, Ukraine caused significant damage to the domestic producer. “We have opened our markets, and Europe has shielded. It provided us with cheap goods, but not everyone can buy them, because the standard of living has fallen many times. In this way, we killed the domestic producer that began to cut jobs,” Muraiev said on the “Freedom of Speech” program on “ICTV” TV channel.

The politician believes in the need to revise the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement with the EU. “Quotas for the export of our goods to Europe usually end in the first quarter of the year. Also – a duty of 20%. There is no sense in supplying anything to the European market after that,” Muraiev added.

According to him, Ukraine needs to end the war in the east as soon as possible and return to traditional markets. “We were one of four world countries that had a closed-loop production of aircraft. Now we have completely lost the aerospace industry. We do not build rockets, we have problems with turbine engineering, instrument engineering, mechanical engineering, because our products are in demand, first of all, in the markets of the CIS countries,” the politician said.

According to him, in order to compete with European manufacturers, Ukraine needs investments in the amount of about 200 billion. “Who will give this money? Power tells about the eternal partners - Europeans and Americans. But they are tired of us. For five years, Europe has been losing money because it does not trade with Russia because of sanctions. Europeans no longer want to endure, they build relations without Ukraine,” he added.

According to Yevhen Muraiev, if the current course is maintained, Ukraine may turn into a rogue state.

“The country has been turned into an addict who lives from tranche to tranche. Maybe we will finally start creating jobs instead of living in debt?” Yevhen Muraiev concluded.

25 June 2019 08:43
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