Rostyslav Shurma: Utility bills should not exceed 15% of the household income

Rostyslav Shurma: Utility bills should not exceed 15% of the household income

The “rogue” tariff policy in Ukraine will see its end as soon as there is the change in power. This statement was made by Rostyslav Shurma, the head of the regional office of Opposition Bloc in Zaporizhya oblast. According to him the way the subsidies are calculated caused a catastrophic raise in the public debt for utility payments.

«When the government intentionally cut off 3,4 million households from subsidies, the debt increased by 27 million hryvnyas. Despite this fact they are furthermore decreasing the subsidies in the National Budget 2019 by the quarter. But the problem is that even after being cut off from the subsidies the people are still consuming the services thus the debt continues to pile up», - the oppositional politician stated.

Mr. Shurma suggested that anticipating the inevitable failure at the elections the government might attempt restructuring or even writing off some part of this debt.

«Chasing after extra points during elections they will stop at nothing. But this will only make matters worse as the raise of debts is nothing else but the direct consequence of the current government’s thoughtless policy. The policy that is aimed at making our people poor », - Rostyslav Shurma pointed out.

According to him it is unacceptable to put the enormous burden of utilities tariffs onto the shoulders of common people. 

«Decreasing tariffs is a shiny promise many candidates for President make. But no-one dares to say how they are going to achieve this objective. The only candidate for President who has the experience managing the utilities sector is Oleksandr Vilkul. He knows exactly the measures to the tariff burden lighter. When he was the Deputy Prime Minister responsible for housing and utilities sector, the tariffs did not increase even a bit. But right after he had left the office, the utility tariffs skyrocketed and continue rising », - the opposition politician accented.

Rostyslav Shurma stated that utility bills should not exceed 15% of the household income. «Tariffs today must correlate with the actual income level of people. If the family makes little money, it should be receiving a subsidy so that utility bills remain within 15% of its budget. What we have today is a rip-off: the government has cut off millions of Ukrainians from the subsidies so they have to work day and night to pay their utility bills. It makes no sense. It doesn’t have to be this way. As soon as we win the election, we are going to put an end to this situation going rogue in the utilities sector», - he stated.

«The tariff policy can and should be built differently. But in order to do so one must have at least some understanding of how this sector operates. No results can be achieved by an empty talk», - Rostyslav Shurma summed up.
22 February 2019 16:54
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