Rostyslav Shurma: Support for veterans is our sacred duty

Rostyslav Shurma: Support for veterans is our sacred duty

The head of Zaporizhzhia regional organization of the OPPOSITION BLOC, the general director of Zaporizhstal PJSC Rostyslav Shurma said this at a meeting with representatives of the city organization of veterans on February 26.

At the meeting, veterans talked about the problems they face daily, politics, the standard of living in the country, as well as asked questions of interest to the oppositionist.

Ivan Kostenko, deputy chairman of the Zaporizhzhia city organization of veterans, noted that thanks to the system support of the Zaporizhstal plant and the deputies from the OPPOSITION BLOC, a number of key problems of the veterans are resolved, including assistance for treatment and rehabilitation, because for many of them the financing of these issues is simply too heavy.

It should be noted that at the Zaporizhstal enterprise, such work has been systematically adjusted. According to Rostyslav Shurma, the plant sends about 20 million hryvnias annually to support veterans-factory workers.

“We pay our veterans insurance, give financial assistance, create conditions for their joint pastime. After all, everything built in our country was actually built by our veterans. And who does not respect veterans and does not make efforts to help and support them, he simply does not respect the people who have rebuilt our country from the ruins,” the opposition politician said.

Also, veterans asked a lot of questions about the presidential campaign, presidential candidates, their electoral programs. Rostyslav Shurma told veterans that he knows Oleksandr Vilkul - a candidate for the presidency of the OPPOSITION BLOC - as an exclusively decent and efficient industrialist, leader and state manager.

He named the key aspects of the Vilkul program, which are able to lead the Ukrainian economy on the path of development, and make the life of Ukrainians truly socially secure. Veterans, in turn, said about their support of the ideas of the presidential candidate from the opposition, and would give their vote in the elections to him.
27 February 2019 17:40
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