The OPPOSITION BLOC warns deputies about the moral and political responsibility for laws that split the country

The OPPOSITION BLOC warns deputies about the moral and political responsibility for laws that split the country

“It seems that the deputies from the parliamentary majority have not learned a lesson from the defeat, which Petro Poroshenko received in the elections. The Ukrainian people, above all, voted against attempts to impose an ideology of cave nationalism with the forced use of a single language, a single worldview, a single type of behavior for the society on the state level!” Vadym Novynskyi, head of the OPPOSITION BLOC faction, stated from the rostrum of the parliament.

MP on behalf of his colleagues in the faction stressed that today’s draft law on language splits Ukraine, rather than unit it. It lays a time bomb under the already unstable Ukrainian society. Moreover, this law can further deepen the gap between various parts of Ukraine, not to mention the uncontrolled Donbas and Crimea. “Did a part of the MPs forget that the residents of the glass house should not throw stones?” Vadym Novynskyi addressed to the parliamentarians.

“For the sake of civil peace and tranquility, for the return of trust between citizens and citizens’ trust in power, the OPPOSITION BLOC faction proposes to introduce in Ukraine a moratorium on draft laws and resolutions that split the country. This applies to those that relate to language issues, faith and confessional life, as well as controversial moments of history. The moratorium must be valid for at least three years. During this time, the Verkhovna Rada should focus on issues of a socio-economic nature and on the problems of the world; vote those laws that are expected of us in terms of the implementation of the Minsk agreements. We are simply obliged to launch our industry at full capacity, give business an opportunity to grow, overcome negative tendencies in public life and raise the living standards of Ukrainians!” the politician called on the deputies.

According to the head of the OPPOSITION BLOC faction, the language law is now completely irrelevant. “Does the oppression of the Ukrainian language exist in Ukraine?” You can ask citizens whether they are persecuted for speaking Ukrainian. Are they being discriminated?” the oppositionist asked a rhetorical question.

In his address, the MP stressed that the current language version of the draft law is discriminatory in nature. Moreover, it seems that the authors of the law decided to demonstrate all the complexes that have arisen against the background of a complex history with oppression of the Ukrainian language in the Russian Empire and interwar Poland. Although a simple analysis of the draft law shows that it is much more reactionary than those who once infringed upon the Ukrainian language. In fact, it simply destroys Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Bulgarian and other languages in Ukraine.

“Dear colleagues from the parliamentary majority! I fully understand why this law was at the stage of presidential elections. You tried to ensure the victory of Petro Poroshenko among voters with a nationalist worldview. You can already relax. Your tactics did not work. The people gave an assessment of your actions. And if you do not have enough wisdom today, and your actions lead to an increase in the degree of tension in society, you will have to bear moral and political responsibility for this!” Vadym Novynskyi warned the deputies.
25 April 2019 11:08
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