The OPPOSITION BLOC insists on cancellation of voting results on language law

The OPPOSITION BLOC insists on cancellation of voting results on language law

This session week, the Verkhovna Rada should consider Resolution No. 5670-d-P introduced by the OPPOSITION BLOC on cancellation of voting results on the language law. In this regard, during the Conciliation Board, the Head of the OPPOSITION BLOC faction Vadym Novynskyi urged the leaders of deputy factions and groups not to play along with Petro Poroshenko. After all, manipulating the language issue in his election campaign, he has eventually lost it.

“You have no reason to continue playing the dangerous games proposed by him. Be wise and do not let the frankly discriminatory law work in the language sphere. It launches a new mechanism of confrontation in society, rather than consolidate the country,” Vadym Novynskyi stated.

He also stressed that the language law adopted by the Verkhovna Rada violates the Constitution and contradicts the European norms of law, which Ukraine has ratified and committed to fulfill.

Recall, following the voting for the language law by the pro-government coalition, the OPPOSITION BLOC submitted a draft resolution No. 5670-d-P to the apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada to cancel the voting results. The reason for this was gross violations during the putting and voting of the norms of Art. 37 of the Law on Regulations of the Verkhovna Rada and Art. 84 of the Constitution, requiring the MPs to vote personally. In addition, Speaker Andriy Parubiy, presiding at the meeting, put the draft law to a vote, violating the procedure clearly described by the Rules of Procedure.

Vadym Novynskyi is sure that it is time for the Verkhovna Rada to return to the consideration of issues that are really important for Ukrainians and turn into a stronghold of stability and responsibility, contrary to the thriving politicking in Ukraine today.

13 May 2019 15:31
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