Oppositionists of Zaporizhia demand to prohibit the sale of alcohol near educational institutions

Oppositionists of Zaporizhia demand to prohibit the sale of alcohol near educational institutions

The relevant draft decision was registered by the deputy of the City Council fr om the OPPOSITION BLOC Ihor Chumachenko. The project proposes a ban on the sale of alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages in stores, kiosks and other retail facilities located less than 50 meters from general educational institutions and children’s sports schools in the city of Zaporizhzhia.

As Ihor Chumachenko explained, both the city administration and he, as a deputy, constantly receive numerous complaints from citizens about the activities of trade enterprises and requests to restrict the sale of alcoholic beverages near educational institutions.

The sale of alcohol in the vicinity of schools and out-of-school institutions worries the parents of schoolchildren not only because there should not be sober people in the school grounds. In their opinion, alcohol and school are not compatible.

In this regard, the deputy of the City Council from the OPPOSITION BLOC issued a draft decision banning the sale of alcohol near educational institutions, and calls on colleagues to support him for the sake of ensuring the safety of children, as well as their education and development.

“According to the World Health Organization, Ukraine ranks 6th in the world in terms of alcohol consumption. More than 83% of teenagers have already consumed alcohol. The appearance of such a bad habit at such a young age leads to a deterioration of the state of health, degradation of the personality and prevents the realization of the opportunities of young people,” Ihor Chumachenko commented the draft decision.

He stressed the need for the authorities to react in this situation; otherwise it will indicate indifference and disregard of local authorities to the residents of Zaporizhzhia, unwillingness of the authorities elected by the residents to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

It is worth noting that earlier Ihor Chumachenko initiated a time lim it on the sale of alcohol in Zaporizhzhia, which subsequently had a positive effect on the decrease in the crime rate in the city.
25 February 2019 16:32
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