Oppositionists took in work 24 applications from Kyiv residents

Oppositionists took in work 24 applications from Kyiv residents

MPs from the OPPOSITION BLOC Andriy Halchenko, Dmytro Kolesnikov and Artur Martovytskyi held a reception of citizens in Kyiv on April 10.

“People are impoverished and do not understand how to survive with meager pensions and exorbitant tariffs. They come to us for justice, for protection against bacchanal of law enforcement, against the murderous medical reform, against the arbitrariness of local authorities. Those who have come to power prefer not to notice that the Ukrainians feel bad, Dmytro Kolesnikov believes.

According to him, during the reception there was not a single case where a person came just to talk. For example, members of the “Afghan” and “Chernobyl” family have documents in their hands confirming that his death is related to Chernobyl, but at the same time, they are deprived of state support, because the authorities annulled all Chernobyl benefits and do not comply with the decision of the Constitutional Court on their restoration.

Another Afghan has been on the housing list since 1992. During this time, he was “overtaken” by everyone who was in line behind him, and the person has not improved his living conditions.

A resident of the Solomiansky district Liudmyla Litvinova and 8 of her relatives in July 2017 were cut off from the gas supply, and thus lost the opportunity to cook, heat water, as well as heat their private household. Because of the dampness, the fungus appeared on the walls. I had to take the children to a more suitable room. 24-storey residential building has become to blame. Since 2016, it is being built by the state enterprise Scientific Research Design and Technological Institute of Municipal Economy, the general contractor is “Kyivresursstroy”. In addition, because of the extended road, we have also lost access to a single column of drinking water.

“The construction is illegal, because no one presented us any documents. The distance from our house to the new building is only 15 meters, which is unacceptable! They did not have the right to do a tie-in to the gas pipeline, as a result of which we were left without gas! We have lost the basic amenities. Here is the price of the current authorities – “Poroshenko”, “Groysman”, “Klichko”! There is no protection! I have come to the MPs from the OPPOSITION BLOC, because I consider them people who think about the people. I voted for Vilkul, I trust this political force,” Lyudmyla Oleksandrivna said.

A member of the veteran organization, Viktor Radchenko, is outraged by the desire of the Kyiv City Council to rename the street named after the liberator of Kyiv from the fascist invaders, Army General Mykola Vatutin and give it the name of the nationalist and collaborator Roman Shukhevych. He also asks to protect the monument to Vatutin, installed in the Mariinsky Park on the grave of the general, during the celebration of May 9 and after the celebrations. After all, talks of demolition occurs constantly.

All applications of citizens were taken to the work by the oppositionists.

11 April 2019 14:22
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