Violations at 16:00: “carousels” in Bakhmut and the “disappeared” police in Odesa Oblast

Violations at 16:00: “carousels” in Bakhmut and the “disappeared” police in Odesa Oblast

The National Police received 649 applications and reports of violations of electoral legislation in the elections of the President of Ukraine.

The observer of Oleksandr Vilkul at the polling station No. 140628 (electoral district No. 46, Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast) recorded massive “carousels”. Members of the election commission fix the marks in the lists with a pencil. There is an issuance of ballots for voters who are definitely not in the city. The police are virtually inactive.

At the polling station in Vypasnianska School No. 2 of the Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky District of Odesa Oblast, Iryna Kovalish, the trustee of the presidential candidate from the OPPOSITION BLOC Oleksandr Vilkul, recorded the fact that two men were in the voting booth at the same time, one of whom was photofixing the result of his vote. At her request, they presented the phone and deleted the photo of the newsletter. However, the men refused to show their passports and hurriedly left. We could not detain the violators, because, by a strange coincidence, there was no post of law enforcement officers. This is the act of violation. At the same time, a statement is being prepared to the police to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice, as well as conduct an internal investigation on the grounds and reason of the absence of police at the polling station.

In Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, there was recorded a number of offenses and emergency:

- At the polling station No. 120611 (electoral district No. 40) there was recorded the issuance of the ballot to the voter on the photocopy of the passport. The police were called in;

- In Dnipro, polling station No. 121350 (electoral district No. 24) there was an attempt to remove the bulletin from the polling station. Representatives of the police recorded this fact;

- At the polling station No. 120383 (electoral district No. 28) there was recorded photographing of the bulletin, the observer also found certain marks in the form of a triangle opposite the name of one of the candidates for the post of President of Ukraine. A probable parallel list of voters who should come to the polling station was also found;

- At the polling station No. 121071 (electoral district No. 26), as well as polling station No. 120122 (electoral district No. 29), there were interruptions in light due to accidents in the power grids. A diesel generator was delivered to one of the sites;

- In Ternovka, polling station No. 120942 (electoral district No. 36) at the morning meeting, the commission members broke the key to the safe. The Ministry of Emergency Situations was called to the polling station, and it was opened at 8:20.

In Skadovsk, Kherson Oblast, members of one of the precinct election commission themselves “identified” “technical candidates” and did not hang their posters at the polling station.

An employee of one of the private security firms in the city of Kherson was constantly on duty at the polling station No. 650630. He explained his presence at the polling station “to strengthen” security. He said that his stay at the polling station was coordinated with the Dniprovsky regional department of the National Police in the city of Kherson. Information is being specified.
31 March 2019 16:10
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