Musa Mahomedov: Ukraine is in the world leaders in terms of the area of mined territory

Musa Mahomedov: Ukraine is in the world leaders in terms of the area of mined territory

According to Handicap International, Ukraine is in the fifth place in the world in the number of mining victims. In addition, Ukraine has become a leader in the area of mined territory – 7 thousand square kilometers are strewn with mines. The officials are silent about the problem, but there is no information on how the Ministry for Temporarily Occupied Territories solves it. The MP, Musa Mahomedov, wrote about this on his Facebook page.

According to him, in 2018, 325 people died or were injured by mines. “Almost every day, a man was blown up on a mine. In Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Myanmar – even more. Officials can justify themselves as much as they want, compared with 2017, the number of victims has decreased. But this is not the result of active work in the field of mine clearance. It’s all because people in the “gray zone” began to see danger at every turn,” Musa Mahomedov said.

According to him, people in the Donbas live in fear, because in every village on the contact line there are people who died from this terrible invention of humanity.

“I personally knew four of them – two were blown up in the car on an anti-tank mine, returning home from work, two more – during restoration of power lines,” the MP said.

The politician emphasized that not everything was recorded on the maps of minefields. But even what is known is horrifying: 7 thousand square kilometers, about 1% of the entire territory of Ukraine, are mined. And this is more than the area of many European countries – Luxembourg, Andorra, Malta, Liechtenstein and another 27 UN member states.

“The problem is hushed up. As it is decided by the Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories, there is no information. How many victims were during the 6 years of military conflict in the Donbas? What about the mine clearance program?

External partners finance mine clearance. Where does this money go?

What is the situation with the training program for the local population, and does it work at all? What has already been done in this direction? So far there are more questions than answers,” Musa Mahomedov concluded.

25 November 2019 13:58
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