Muraiev about comedians, actors and musicians, who are going to the elections: it is not Rada that is being formed, but estrade

Muraiev about comedians, actors and musicians, who are going to the elections: it is not Rada that is being formed, but estrade

Ukraine needs not “new faces”, but professionals who are able to ensure real growth of the economy. Such people are led to parliament by the OPPOSITION BLOC team. This was stated by the party leader, Yevhen Muraiev, on the program “Freedom of Speech” on the “ICTV” TV channel.

“Now a lot of “new faces” are going to parliament. The previous convocation of parliament had also 50% new faces. Has the policy changed in a better way? Over the past five years, life has only gotten worse. The growth of corruption and poverty, the decline in production and living standards continues. But new people did the same. Now, 70% of “new faces”, who promise to improve everything, are going to parliament. But the previous ones also did not say that they would come and participate in corruption schemes. And why do you think that these people will behave in another way? Now comedians, actors, musicians are going to the Verkhovna Rada. It is not Rada that is being formed, but estrade. And there must be professional personnel,” Yevhen Muraiev stated.

He noted that as a result of the five-year period of the power of “new faces”, the state debt of the country has increased from UAH 1.1 trillion to UAH 2.1 trillion.

“That is, each of us, instead of UAH 24 thousand, owes UAH 50 thousand every financial institution. Over the next five years, will this debt double again?” Or not? But for this it is necessary to clearly understand who will run the country,” the politician emphasized.

Neither the current Verkhovna Rada, nor the Cabinet of Ministers was professional, according to Yevhen Muraiev.

“The current Prime Minister, for example, does not know the tax rate in the country. But what do you want from him, he ran the market before. And he promised to show us how to run the country. What you see in refrigerators and pockets is the merit of the Prime Minister. He says that he had no opportunity to spread out. And who has chosen the Prime Minister? Pro-government coalition – the majority of MPs voted for him. What did he give in return? I distributed the portfolios to all the factions that were part of the coalition, and they still robbing the country in coalition,” the MP said.

According to the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC, in order for the standard of living in the country to reach a qualitative level, Ukraine must stop living in debt and, finally, start earning. “You can ask MPs in coalition except for the phrases “we will remove immunity” and “we will live like in Europe” is there something more specific? Europe lives differently, because it has a completely different gross product, which it produces. For a state must earn in order to be social. Then there will be big expenses for medicine, for education, and for high pensions. If the budget has no income, then there is nothing to finance all these expenses. Therefore, the country needs professionals who will be able to provide real economic growth. And there are such people in the OPPOSITION BLOC team,” Yevhen Muraiev concluded.

09 July 2019 10:23
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