Kostiantyn Pavlov: We will return the right to apply for a grant to two million families

Kostiantyn Pavlov: We will return the right to apply for a grant to two million families

In 2018, by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, two million Ukrainian families were deprived of subsidies. The total amount of state aid for the rest has decreased almost threefold. This is the result of the anti-popular policy of the current authorities, which is opposed by the OPPOSITION BLOC. MP Kostiantyn Pavlov assured that the party is doing everything to return the illegally taken subsidies to the Ukrainians.

“In order to deceive people and reduce the number of recipients of subsidies, the government decided to automatically enter the alleged income of UAH 5763 – three living wages – to people without income. That is, the authorities have condemned people who have lost their jobs and income due to the crisis, to the lack of state aid,” the politician noted.

To restore social justice, opposition MPs have registered a draft decree on increasing the number of families receiving subsidies. The profile Committee of the Verkhovna Rada has already unanimously supported it. Now it is necessary the parliament to vote for it.

The MP clarified that the draft decree of the opposition should return all privileges taken from people. It also provides for the exclusion of the rules that subsidies do not rely at the communal debt exceeding the amount of UAH 314, and if one of the family members has been abroad for more than 60 days.

“In addition, we demand the government to provide an automatic unconditional right to receive subsidies for cancer patients, people with disabilities, families with children with cerebral palsy, etc., as well as several categories of poor people,” Kostiantyn Pavlov stressed.

15 April 2019 13:24
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