Kostiantyn Pavlov: The debt of Ukrainians in housing and communal services has exceeded UAH 62 billion. The heating season is on the verge of collapse

Kostiantyn Pavlov: The debt of Ukrainians in housing and communal services has exceeded UAH 62 billion. The heating season is on the verge of collapse

Because of the huge debts of the population before the workers of the public service in many cities of Ukraine there is a catastrophic situation with preparations for the heating season, - said MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC Kostiantyn Pavlov during a briefing in the corridors of the Verkhovna Rada.

According to him, the debt of the population for housing and communal services has already exceeded UAH 62 billion. “It is possible to predict the massive blackmail of the workers of the public service from the side of “Naftogaz” for the debts of the population, the lack of limits on gas and, as a result, cold apartments, kindergartens, hospitals,” Kostiantyn Pavlov noted.

According to him, in many cities, in particular in Kryvyi Rih, another situation is superimposed on this situation – a complete imbalance of control at state heating plants.

“For example, in Kryvyi Rih, for two years in a row, the utility company “Heating system” has entered the heating season strictly on schedule, and “Heating plant” reporting to the State Property Fund has been disrupting the start of heat supply for more than three hundred thousand of Kryvyi Rih residents — half of the city! This year it ended in the fact that people were burning tires on the houses of the management of the “Heating plant”. It was possible to start the heat only after my colleague, Andriy Halchenko, and hundreds of Kryvyi Rih residents actually surrounded Naftogaz in Kyiv and forced to give gas to the boiler rooms,” the MP said.

According to him, there is no guarantee that such a picture will not happen again. “Despite the statements of Groysman that the issue of transferring heating plants to cities will be resolved, everything happens exactly the opposite,” Kostiantyn Pavlov emphasized.

The oppositionist recalled that the Cabinet of Ministers had recently published a list of large-scale privatization objects for 2019, in which the state enterprise “Kryvyi Rih heating plant” was indicated among the 21st enterprise.

“Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman at a meeting of the government gave instructions to develop a mechanism for the transfer of CHP to local councils, who had appealed to the Cabinet of Ministers with a declaration of readiness to take them into communal ownership. At the same time, the Kryvyi Rih City Hall declared its readiness to accept the Kryvyi Rih “Heating plant” to the balance of the city several times over the past few years! This means that now, according to the law, it is virtually impossible to transfer these heating plants to cities, as it was promised,” the MP said.

In fact, according to Pavlov, the government, promising one, is actually following the completely opposite path. “Such a demarche by the Cabinet of Ministers again threatens the heating season. Moreover, there are simply no people willing to purchase this heat generating enterprise with huge debts. In this regard, I insist, first, the Cabinet of Ministers and the State Property Fund to immediately take the situation with the preparation of these enterprises for the winter under control.

Secondly, in the shortest possible time it is necessary to reconsider the decision on the privatization of the heating plants and to develop an effective mechanism for transferring them to the hromadas. It depends on these steps whether it will be warm in the homes of millions of people in our country,” Kostiantyn Pavlov emphasized.

04 June 2019 13:25
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