Ihor Shurma: A graduate of the Michigan “nursing school” Suprun only promote herself on the draft laws, but does not implement them

Ihor Shurma: A graduate of the Michigan “nursing school” Suprun only promote herself on the draft laws, but does not implement them

The Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Health systematically neglect their direct duties, not implementing laws passed by Parliament. In particular, this happened with the draft law No.4074, adopted six months ago. This was said by MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC Ihor Shurma from the rostrum of parliament.

“In September 2018, the parliament passed the draft law No.4074, which was supposed to open access to the results of preclinical study and clinical trials of drugs. Its goal was to fight corruption and make it clear to society that not all the “rubbish”, entering Ukraine under the guise of drugs could be used to treat people. All factions, all members of the relevant Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, voted for this draft law. The final provisions of the draft law noted that the Cabinet of Ministers, namely the Ministry of Health, should develop a provision that would allow to implement this law. It turned into the fact that Acting Minister of Health Uliana Suprun only promoted that she supported the introduction of this draft law, but did nothing to implement it,” the MP stated.

According to the MP, to implement this law, it was only necessary to develop a form for placing official documents of preclinical study and clinical trials of drugs on the web page. However, nothing was done. Instead of developing a form, the Ministry of Health proposes to make changes and additions to the procedure for state registration. However, this does not solve the problem – people will not be able to use data from the results of preclinical tests.

“A person without a higher education with a Michigan “nursing school” diploma, a person with a US citizen’s passport has once again proved that she does not respect parliament. The draft law was signed by Dr. Bogomolets, Dr. Yarynich, Dr. Musiy and other doctors from the pro-government coalition, but it has never been implemented. This once again proves that the government does not reckon with the parliament. To fulfill any law, it is necessary to have real support from the prime minister, the president, the speaker,” Ihor Shurma emphasized.

Opposition politician appealed to President Petro Poroshenko with a call to restore order in the government. “Petro Oleksiiovych, you are going to the polls. The Cabinet of Ministers is doing everything so that your slogan is the phrase of the Deputy Minister of Health, Lynchevskyi, “this is cancer, all of them will die”. After all, such ignorants are not fired, and the government does not fulfill laws voted by parliament. They “trample” the highest legislative body. With such a team, you have no chance at this elections,” the oppositionist concluded.

13 March 2019 13:34
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