Ihor Shurma: The personal data of 27 million Ukrainians for the eHealth system are collected illegally

Ihor Shurma: The personal data of 27 million Ukrainians for the eHealth system are collected illegally

MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC Ihor Shurma declared the scam around the functioning of the eHealth system – the personal data of 27 million Ukrainians ended up in private hands without any consent. The legality of the e-Health system will be examined by a parliamentary working group: on April 10, it was specially created by members of the Verkhovna Rada Anti-corruption Committee.

According to Ihor Shurma, back in June 2018, he drew the attention of the Minister of Justice to the unlawful use of the non-certified eHealth system, but received nothing besides the formal replies.

“The Ministry of Health continues to violate the articles of the Law “On the Protection of Information in Information and Telecommunication Systems” and the Law “On the Protection of Personal Data”. For the third year, we have been witnessing a classic scam and manipulation. The patient signs the declaration and agrees to the processing of his data by the electronic health system. A medical institution without his consent transmits data to a completely different information system – the “Electronic medical information exchange system.” And patient data is entered through medical information systems, which are private electronic resources, which ensures the leakage of personal data,” the opposition member stated.

According to Shurma, the development of “Electronic Health” in the Ministry of Health was actively talked about in March 2017. “To coordinate work on the system, a special Project Office was created, headed by a representative of Transparency International. This office includes more than 180 people. They all passed as volunteers. And according to Suprun, a person, who has been convicted three times in the past and has 10 years of experience in the use of narcotic substances, is engaged in the procurement and implementation of this project,” Shurma told.

Community organizations donated the First eHealth product to the Ministry only in February 2018. Later, the Ministry of Health created the e-Health enterprise as an administrator who should ensure the implementation of eHealth components.

“Two years have passed. What is the result? In its report, the Accounting Chamber says that the project “Improving public health in the service of people”, which is implemented by the Ministry of Health in the amount of $ 214.73 million, was completed only by a quarter over three years, and more than 72% of the funds was not used. At the same time, Ukraine paid almost $ 3 million in commission and interest on the loan, including for unused funds, at the expense of the state budget,” Shurma noted.

According to the policy, most eHealth components are malfunctioning. “In essence, the system, which should make life easier for healthcare workers and patients, adds trouble to Ukrainian realities. Perhaps the most important thing is that during all this time the technical task has not been created – there is no clearly defined action plan with deadlines. There is only a roadmap, which is published on the website of the State Enterprise “Electronic Health”, Shurma told.

According to Shurma, it is important to understand why personal identification is used in processing medical information.

“Why does the ownership of the personal data system of 27 million citizens belong to a public organization? Who is the owner, manager and system administrator? We do not know the role of the State Enterprise “Electronic Health”, the end of the check, whether there are legitimate reasons to pay money from the budget on declarations. Who and how used the data of 27 million citizens of Ukraine during the presidential elections, in which 18 million took part? And does this pose any threat in the future,” Ihor Shurma noted.

15 April 2019 09:30
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