Ihor Shurma: The OPPOSITION BLOC insists on Suprun’s criminal liability, rather than her dismissal

Ihor Shurma: The OPPOSITION BLOC insists on Suprun’s criminal liability, rather than her dismissal

The Ministry of Health permits serious abuses and inappropriately spends budget funds. Under the guise of drug purchases, the Ministry of Health Care has withdrawn billions of budget funds from Ukraine. MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC, Ihor Shurma, said about this from the rostrum of parliament.

He noted that in 2014 the World Bank had allocated UAH 6 billion loan for health care reform in Ukraine. However, professionally unsuitable officials of the Ministry of Health could not master it even for four years. The state already paid UAH 100 million as a penalty for its untimely development.

“Is this a crime? Yes, it is. Ministry of Health officials should be responsible for it. Additional UAH 100 million hryvnia was used to the disposal of expired medicines purchased for Ukraine at the suggestion of the coalition by the “Crown Agents” international agency, engaged in the procurement of medicines for the “Third World” countries. I congratulate us all on the fact that the “European Ukraine” coalition equated our state to the “Third World,” the MP stated.

He also announced on expenditure of budgetary funds of the Ministry of Health, established by the Accounting Chamber, according to the results of the inspection of his deputy inquiry. According to the report, three years ago, the Ministry of Health, under the direction of Uliana Suprun, transferred UAH 16 billion to the “Bank of America” accounts for the purchase of medicines. Since then, there has been neither refund to the budget, nor the purchase of medicines.

“This is a criminal offence. Uliana Suprun and her associates must bear criminal liability for it. Therefore, we do not insist on her dismissal, it would be an indulgence for her, but on responsibility in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation. Crimes against the Ukrainian people must be inevitably punished,” Ihor Shurma stressed.

29 May 2019 15:15
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