Ihor Shurma: Ignoring the measles epidemic, the authorities turn Ukraine into a pariah state

Ihor Shurma: Ignoring the measles epidemic, the authorities turn Ukraine into a pariah state

The authorities refute the fact of a measles epidemic in the country and do nothing to strengthen the fight against this disease. This not only affects the health and lives of people, but also worsens the international image of Ukraine. This was stated by MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC Ihor Shurma during a speech from the rostrum of parliament.

“When 300 cases of measles were recorded in Brooklyn, a state of emergency was declared there. In Ukraine, over three years, 95 thousand people became ill with measles, 35 people died – and there was no reaction from the authorities. Moreover, they do not even consider this to be an epidemic,” Ihor Shurma noted.

He recalled that back in 2017, the Verkhovna Rada Health Committee had raised the issue of the need to create an operational headquarters to respond to the situation with measles in Ukraine. And when this decision was sent to the Ministry of Health, in 2018, the response was received that the headquarters was working and that the increase in measles was planned.

“We do not understand what this headquarters is doing. We are an independent Ukraine, and the feeling is that the worst version of “homo sovieticus” lives in the brains of individual officials, the politician was outraged.

The MP noted that he had appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the National Police to consider the situation and bring to justice the officials who allowed this state of affairs in the state.

“We demand the leaders of the Ministry of Health to be brought to justice. And we are told that in Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Transcarpathian Oblasts criminal cases were opened against the doctors who allowed the death of people from measles. However, the doctors work in the conditions, created by the leadership, and do everything possible. We see the problem precisely in the non-professional work of the leaders of the Ministry of Health,” the oppositionist emphasized.

He expressed fears that without a quick solution to the problem, Ukraine would become a pariah state. “Today the Poles are already making a fuss, because they already have cases of measles, and they associate it with workers from Ukraine. Even in the USA it is said that the Hasidim, who were in Ukraine, brought measles there. I once again appeal to the current president. If you do not restore order in the health care system, it will be an eternal burden on you, and you will be responsible for the health and lives of Ukrainians,” Ihor Shurma emphasized.

12 April 2019 16:12
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