Yevhen Muraiev: The OPPOSITION BLOC has a large-scale program of financial and cultural decentralization

Yevhen Muraiev: The OPPOSITION BLOC has a large-scale program of financial and cultural decentralization

The leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC, Yevhen Muraiev, held his final meetings with the citizens of Odesa at the PJSC “Odeskabel” with the candidate for people’s deputies from the OPPOSITION BLOC, the mayor of Odesa, Hennadii Trukhanov.

The first meeting was held with factory workers in one of the workshops of the plant, the second – with residents of nearby areas.

Yevhen Muraiev spoke about nominees from the OPPOSITION BLOC for elections to the new parliament. “Our candidates have good chances of winning. These are professional business executives and mayors of cities who know what their cities and enterprises need, which employ about 500 thousand people,” the party leader said.

According to him, in order to carry out large-scale economic reforms, it is necessary to give maximum autonomy to the local level, having implemented a decentralization program not in words but in deeds, proposed by the OPPOSITION BLOC.

“We want the majority of taxes to remain in the cities earning them,” the oppositionist said. “We earn money and take money from us and teach us how to love our Motherland,” added Yevhen Muraiev indignantly. “And we want to return our Homeland, our values. Therefore, along with financial decentralization, the OPPOSITION BLOC proposes cultural decentralization, humanitarian decentralization,” the oppositionist noted.

For this, in his opinion, it is necessary to adopt the Law on Referendum. “We have the right to decide which language to speak and which holidays to celebrate,” says Yevhen Muraiev. As an example of how the authorities listen to the opinions of their fellow citizens, he cited Switzerland, where up to 600 referendums are held annually.

Continuing the theme of decentralization and administrative reform, the MP expressed confidence that governors should be elected by local governments. “Why do we need the governor, who is sent by Kyiv to maintain the corruption of the vertical? He should be chosen by the regional council and he should be accountable to him,” the oppositionist stated.

He also informed voters that the OPPOSITION BLOC has a program called “New Industrialization” – a plan for bringing the Ukrainian industry and the economy as a whole out of the crisis. “We need a strong and independent Ukraine. The OPPOSITION BLOC team is going to parliament with a reform plan that will revive the country,” Yevhen Muraiev assured voters.

18 July 2019 09:54
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