Yevhen Muraiev: The path to peace is the non-aligned status of Ukraine

Yevhen Muraiev: The path to peace is the non-aligned status of Ukraine

The leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC Yevhen Muraiev held a meeting with the staff of the Kurakhovska TPP (Kurakhovo, Donetsk Oblast). The station is one of the largest electricity producers in the region and the largest employer in the region.

Kurakhovo is located near the front line and the issue of peace for its residents is the most important. According to Yevhen Muraiev, in order to stop the war, Ukraine must become a neutral, non-aligned state. This will avoid the influence of global geopolitical players such as the United States and Russia. Yevhen Muraiev advocates amnesty for the parties to the conflict. He cites the example of Spain after Franco, where politicians have a ban on discussing the topic of civil war.

To consolidate the Ukrainian society, according to the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC, both economic and humanitarian decentralization are necessary for each region. In their referendums, residents of each region have the right to choose what holidays to celebrate and what heroes to worship.

In a frank conversation with workers and engineers of the TPP, Yevhen Muraiev focused on the thesis on the importance of the opposition for the effective work of the power in the country. “The power should be controlled by the opposition. This is the basis of a democratic model of the government management. This is a fuse for all democratic processes,” the MP stated.

Yevhen Muraiev told on the need for professionals to come into politics, people accomplished and with a sense of responsibility: “In the OPPOSITION BLOC, there are 70 mayors of Ukrainian cities. What are the ambitions of mayors? All of them are stable adults. The ambition is to make children proud of us, to bring our country out of crisis. For this purpose, it is necessary to propose and implement a program of economic reforms. We are convinced that if competent managers come to power, we can implement these reforms for five years. These reforms are incorporated in our program “New Industrialization,” the MP said.

Speaking about the investment climate and the creation of conditions for the business, the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC emphasized the importance of tax reform. “Abroad, one of the most serious crimes is tax evasion. We have 50 percent of business in the shadows today. We have to change this situation, establish fair taxes for business and direct them to social needs,” Yevhen Muraiev is sure.

At a meeting with employees of the Kurakhovska TPP, Yevhen Muraiev noted the entry into force of the Law on the Electricity Market from July 1. This is one of the conditions of the EU for Ukraine to receive the next tranche of macro-financial assistance of 500 million euros. According to the oppositionist, the reform of the energy market is a positive signal that will impact on the rules, which will create competition and will determine the investment attractiveness of the country.

03 July 2019 15:49
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