Yevhen Muraiev took part in the flash mob of the President of Ukraine

Yevhen Muraiev took part in the flash mob of the President of Ukraine

The leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC Yevhen Muraiev addressed the Head of state who, on Constitution Day, urged Ukrainians to record a short video and tell about “favorite Article from the Basic Law”.

“I’m participating in a flash mob for the first time today. Article 34 of the Constitution of Ukraine states “everyone is guaranteed the right to freedom of thought and speech, the free expression of his views and beliefs, everyone has the right to collect, store and use information orally, in writing or in any other way he chooses. I want to draw your attention to the fact that in the Ukrainian prisons there are thousands of political prisoners of Poroshenko – Oleksandr Yefremov, Kyrylo Vyshynskyi and many others. Mr. President! Their liberation and protection of the Constitution is in your power and will! Happy Constitution Day! The guarantor of the Constitution!” the MP Yevhen Muraiev stated.

Recall that the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC appealed to the President of Ukraine with a petition to release Oleksandr Yefremov, who for more than three years has been in inhuman conditions in places of deprivation of liberty without a court sentence, as well as stop the persecution for political reasons.

The petition is registered under No. 22/063848-ep. Detailed video instruction how to support the petition is in our video.

28 June 2019 21:54
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