Yevhen Muraiev: A functioning economy can ensure order in the country

Yevhen Muraiev: A functioning economy can ensure order in the country

Today, in order to restore order in the country, an efficient economy is necessary. Only in this way, we will be able to raise the standard of living of Ukrainians, get a normal education, medicine and a long-awaited peace. For this, there should be a professional team in government. In the OPPOSITION BLOC, there are mayors of the largest cities, heads of industrial enterprises, and worthy lawyers – the authors of many laws that were passed in parliament. The OPPOSITION BLOC team is a fusion of experience and managerial potential. The leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC, MP Yevhen Muraiev said this during the broadcast of the “Freedom of Speech” program on the “ICTV” TV channel.

“In order to simply learn how to operate a tram, it is necessary to study for six months, and now they are trying to explain to us that nothing is necessary to govern the state. It is enough to be just a new and bright person. A country is a complex organism and in order to really change something it is necessary to understand this organism. It is necessary to understand what is missing, how the budget is filled, what should be done to create jobs,” Yevhen Muraiev said.

He also recalled that the MPs from the OPPOSITION BLOC today are the authors of 1575 draft laws.

“Clear proposals on how to improve the investment climate and stimulate the development of small and medium businesses are spelled out in our draft laws. Unfortunately, the previous power did not need our ideas. Moreover, the rights of the opposition were violated. Even the Accounting Chamber, the purpose of which is to control the power, is under the control of the power. I hope there will be no more such approaches in the new parliament. The opposition should control the activities of the power, and then the power will work effectively,” the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC said.

02 July 2019 11:45
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