Yevhen Muraiev: The OPPOSITION BLOC is the only force capable of restoring the greatness of Ukraine

Yevhen Muraiev: The OPPOSITION BLOC is the only force capable of restoring the greatness of Ukraine

The OPPOSITION BLOC team is the only one in the country that has the experience and knowledge to achieve economic success, social well-being and energy independence. This was announced during the “Future of Cities” Forum by the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC Yevhen Muraiev.

“I am proud that in the OPPOSITION BLOC team there are mayors of key cities in Ukraine who live every day with the problems of their communities. These are business people, they know well what every city needs. They do not need orders from Kyiv, they live in the interests of their people,” Muraiev said.

According to him, people who know how to lead the country out of a deep crisis should come to the parliament of the new convocation.

“In 2014, Ukraine resisted solely thanks to local governments. Absolutely incompetent people received the power at that moment. 56% of new people entered the parliament. Now - 70%. There are colloquial actors, comedians, musicians. It feels like we are choosing the estrade, rather than the parliament,” the politician noted.

According to Muraiev, the OPPOSITION BLOC team is the most professional among those participating in the parliamentary elections.

“In our team, there are heads of territorial communities, heads of large budget-forming enterprises, who created hundreds of thousands of jobs - metallurgy, chemistry, power engineering, machinery and instrument making. These are people who create real GDP of our country. They are people who know what is necessary for the development of cities, investors and business,” the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC added.

“Huge challenges are before the country. Tens of millions of Ukrainians work abroad. They leave homes with their children. We are losing two generations due to the fact that the country is run by amateurs. Of course, an update is necessary. We need such a stabilizing factor that can moderate the processes and which has a clear program. This is the “OPPOSITION BLOC” party. We have a draft law under each item of the program. There are 1575 draft laws that create a new formula of the country,” the politician said.

According to Muraiev, the OPPOSITION BLOC will ensure complete financial and cultural decentralization, rather than declarative one.

“We know how to achieve economic success, increase in the number of jobs, wage growth, energy independence. We have experience and best practices. The next five years will be decisive. Only our team will be able to save the country, restore its greatness, bring millions of Ukrainians home,” Muraiev concluded.

09 July 2019 15:13
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