Yevhen Muraiev about teleconference with the Russian Federation: Dialogue should be led by career diplomats

Yevhen Muraiev about teleconference with the Russian Federation: Dialogue should be led by career diplomats

The teleconference between the Ukrainian and Russian TV channels is a pre-election provocation. Dialogue between Ukraine and Russia should be led by career diplomats, rather than TV presenters. The leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC, Yevhen Muraiev, announced this in the program “Right to Power” on “1 + 1” TV channel.

According to him, Ukraine still has neither the ambassador to the Russian Federation nor the Russian ambassador to Ukraine, while 3.5 million Ukrainians work in the territory of the Russian Federation, whose rights are simply no one to protect.

“See how the Hungarians defend their national minority in Transcarpathia. What are we doing for 15% of the working-age population that works in Russia? Why are some intermediaries buying TV channels in Ukraine to promote their political interests? After all, they use TV channels as a propaganda mouthpiece! Friends, I consider, Poroshenko has intentionally formed this system. Now we, discussing teleconference, inflating a problem that does not exist, indulge their political growth. That is, their manipulation was a success,” the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC stated.

He also stressed that holding such a teleconference was beneficial only to two politicians in Ukraine – Petro Poroshenko and his business partner Viktor Medvedchuk.

“We understand that a week before the elections, holding such an event is an exclusive electoral technology. Who has grown up on it? Medvedchuk has grown up on it, because he’s deprived of something, and Mr. Poroshenko, who hastened to declare “I didn’t have such a thing, Zelensky is to blame for everything”. Friends, let’s not be manipulated,” Yevhen Muraiev urged.

According to him, today Ukrainians have no problems communicating with each other.

“Most importantly, once again, we have no problems in communication. 3.5 million citizens are constantly there. People from uncontrolled territories constantly come to the territory controlled by Ukraine for groceries, social benefits and everything else. We have no problems in communication, we call each other. A lot of people have relatives and friends there. Let’s talk about real problems – the fate of IDPs, because 1.5 million people are homeless, this is the problem,” Muraiev stressed.

12 July 2019 11:47
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