Yevhen Muraiev: We will return hope to residents of the Donbas and all Ukrainians

Yevhen Muraiev: We will return hope to residents of the Donbas and all Ukrainians

The leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC Yevhen Muraiev and the Prime Minister of the Opposition Government Borys Kolesnikov took part in the “With the Donbas in the Heart” forum, which was held in the city of Kostiantynivka, Donetsk Oblast.

During his speech, Yevhen Muraiev stressed the unification of people in the ranks of the OPPOSITION BLOC, who were not indifferent to the fate of Ukraine. “We have collected the best ones – those who have more support in their cities and their enterprises, rather than the President. This is because they do real things,” the MP said.

“In the new Verkhovna Rada we need just such people. 70 % of new people who have never participated in management are coming to power. It is necessary to urgently adopt new laws. The OPPOSITION BLOC has prepared 1,575 draft laws – a real and complete program for the restoration of the country,” Muraiev emphasized. According to him, in case of adoption these draft laws, in the next five years Ukraine will become an economically and socially successful country.

Yevhen Muraiev believes that industrial regions that pay huge amounts of taxes have the moral right to use this money for the reconstruction of infrastructure, the repair of roads, and the construction of social facilities. He stressed that the OPPOSITION BLOC has a decentralization program, not in words but in deeds.

A lot was said at the forum about the peace, which for the residents of the Donbas, living near the demarcation line, is not an empty sound. “To achieve peace, it is necessary to remove the external factor of influence. If we do not regain subjectivity and do not leave external control, there will be no peace,” Yevhen Muraiev is sure.

According to him, Ukraine needs a non-aligned status fixed at the constitutional level. “We have to become a bridge between the two largest world markets, rather than a zone of ongoing conflict. We must give hope to the residents of the Donbas and all Ukrainians,” Yevhen Muraiev is convinced.

He recalled the adoption of the Road Map – the concept of the Donbas reintegration at the recent OPPOSITION BLOC forum in Svyatohirsk, “It is necessary the power to end the Donbas blockade. People must believe that we are waiting for them back.”

One of the leaders of the OPPOSITION BLOC, Borys Kolesnikov, who runs in the 49 single-member constituencies and is well known and respected by residents of the Donbas, spoke at the forum.

He stated, “I am constantly in my constituency and I know well how people live. Our OPPOSITION BLOC team, a team of real professionals, knows how to transform a country, solve social problems of Ukrainians and establish peace in the country.”

According to Borys Kolesnikov, the adopted law on language is contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine and generally accepted European practice. “Nothing prevents the regions from adopting a second regional language. We will advocate for the abolition of the law on language that violates the rights of Ukrainian citizens,” the opposition Prime Minister assured the voters. He also answered numerous questions from residents of Kostiantynivka.

Kolesnikov and Muraiev stressed their intention to defend the interests of the inhabitants of industrial regions in the new Ukrainian parliament and implement an extensive program of economic transformations in the country.

18 July 2019 16:03
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