Yevhen Muraiev: We offer a professional strategy for the development of domestic energy

Yevhen Muraiev: We offer a professional strategy for the development of domestic energy

An important part of the second day of the working visit to Zaporizhia Oblast, the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC Yevhen Muraiev and the candidate for people’s deputies from the OPPOSITION BLOC Rostyslav Shurma, was a visit to the Zaporizhia Thermal Power Plant in Enerhodar. The company is part of DTEK and provides electricity to the southern regions of Ukraine. Yury Korobov, the mayor of Dniprorudny and the candidate from the OPPOSITION BLOC, who will be elected by the majority system in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, joined his fellow party members on this visit.

In his statement to the employees of the enterprise, Yevhen Muraiev stressed the importance of the energy sector for the economy of Ukraine. The leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC has his own practical experience in solving production issues at the Zmievska TPP in Kharkiv Oblast when he headed the district administration there.

According to him, only a competent strategy for the development of domestic heat and power engineering, drawn up by professionals, will be able to ensure the stable development of industry and the economy as a whole. At the same time, it is necessary to comply with modern environmental standards, develop alternative types of energy, as well as attract the maximum number of domestic developers and manufacturers to this sector. These are elements of a “New Industrialization” strategy proposed by the OPPOSITION BLOC as a program of economic transformations in Ukraine.

“The energy complex is the framework, which the entire Ukrainian industry relies on,” Rostyslav Shurma said in his statement to employees of the Zaporizhia TPP.

He believes that transformations in this sector of the economy are possible only thanks to professional practices, primarily those who will enter the new parliament from the OPPOSITION BLOC.

Yevhen Muraiev introduced Yury Korobov to engineers of the Zaporizhia TPP, who will run for the Verkhovna Rada from the OPPOSITION BLOC in the constituency, which includes Enerhodar, and called for his support. Yury Korobov, in turn, outlined in his speech the main theses of his pre-election program.

26 June 2019 17:36
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