“Future by the Sea”: Mariupol signed a memorandum with the Worldwide Network of Port Cities

“Future by the Sea”: Mariupol signed a memorandum with the Worldwide Network of Port Cities

On Wednesday, July 17, the “Future by the Sea” forum was held in Mariupol. More than 200 leading experts took part in the panel discussions. Among them are leaders and deputies of cities, French partners, representatives of business and banks. During the event, mayor Vadym Boychenko signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Worldwide Network of Port Cities (AIVP). Mariupol has become the first city of Ukraine, which concluded a document with French partners.

“The advantage of port cities is the sea. It is the point of economic growth in Ukraine. It is followed by international investment and resource replenishment budgets. I believe that a strong future is behind the development of Ukraine’s maritime infrastructure. Today, port cities should become the center of trade and economic revival. They are called upon not only to be a sea gate, but also to open up new opportunities,” said the mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boychenko, a candidate for people’s deputies from the OPPOSITION BLOC.

The mayor noted a big role in the development of Ukrainian cities in international relations. Attracted investments help to implement ambitious projects. In particular, Mariupol actively cooperates with the French side. As a result, the French government helps a half-million city solve the issue of quality water supply.

Vadym Boychenko also stressed the dependence of the Ukrainian economy on the development of port cities. These positions will be reinforced by a memorandum of cooperation signed with Vadym Boychenko on the World Network of Port Cities. The document is the basis for mutual understanding and further cooperation.

Ermeline Delepow, Worldwide Port City Networks Communications and Marketing Manager, said that the International Association of Port Cities covered 49 countries.

“The International Association of Port Cities is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides ample opportunities for the implementation of strategies. In our opinion, port cities around the world have identical challenges that they have to face,” she said.

At the event, there were talks about the need to consolidate the cities, the state, international partners and businesses around the development of the country’s marine infrastructure. There were discussions about the development of national initiatives. Also on the forum, Vadym Boychenko presented the book “Future by the Sea”. MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC, Vadym Novynskyi, was involved in its writing. It shows the vectors of development of Mariupol and the course for creating new opportunities for the city by the sea.

17 July 2019 19:10
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