Borys Kolesnikov: The authorities should take care of their citizens so that they do not have a desire to change citizenship

Borys Kolesnikov: The authorities should take care of their citizens so that they do not have a desire to change citizenship

The biggest risks for Ukraine are borne by the current Ukrainian authorities. This was stated by the Prime Minister of the Opposition Government, Borys Kolesnikov. According to him, over the past five years nothing has been done for the independence of Ukraine, its self-sufficiency, and millions of citizens have been abandoned to their fate.

Commenting on the information on the simplification of issuing Russian passports to residents of the Donbas, Borys Kolesnikov noted that “Ukraine should fight for its citizens, rather than the citizenship”.

“Issuing passports is the sovereign right of any country. So, Ukraine needs to respond more powerful. It is necessary to adopt a law on investment citizenship, sports citizenship, so that there is a queue for Ukraine’s passport through the whole of Europe. And most importantly, it is necessary to care about citizens, so that they do not have the desire to get another citizenship. This is what I consider the most relevant,” Borys Kolesnikov noted.

According to the opposition Prime Minister, dual citizenship is allowed in many countries. “For example, in case of Ukrainian dual citizenship, particularities should be taken into account: for example, if you receive a second citizenship, you cannot be a deputy of any level. You cannot be a civil servant – from local administrations to the Cabinet of Ministers and the Presidential Administration. Such restrictions exist in many countries of the world, and they are useful. But as for the current situation, Ukraine is driving itself into dense caches by its actions. The state cannot live in the modern according to the laws of the mid-nineteenth century,” the politician added.

According to Borys Kolesnikov, trying to get certain bonuses in the upcoming elections, the authorities are destroying Ukraine, pushing their citizens away. “Young people can make their choice; go to universities not only in Russia, but also anywhere, where the teaching is in Russian. And there are universities that are in the hundred best universities in the world – Moscow State University, for example. We lose the youth; distribute the golden fund of the nation. And the Ukrainian authorities will respond both historically and politically,” Borys Kolesnikov concluded.

29 April 2019 10:30
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