Borys Kolesnikov opened a social driving school for youth in the Donbas

Borys Kolesnikov opened a social driving school for youth in the Donbas

The Borys Kolesnikov Foundation implements a number of charitable programs in Donetsk Oblast aimed at supporting secondary special and specialized education.

On April 16, Borys Kolesnikov opened a social driving school in Kostiantynivka, where the region’s youth of 17.5-23 years old can study for free. It has all the conditions for everyone to get a quality education, learn to drive and open categories A, A1, B, C, C1, CE and D.

“This is the first school in Ukraine with a social bias. Our purpose is to give young people a chance to diversify. Currently, the situation in the Donbas is very complicated, so I want to help young people save on training. In the country, the salary is not as high as we would like. If a schoolboy or student saves UAH 5-6 thousand, his parents will only be grateful. The main thing for us is the qualified youth,” the President of the Foundation emphasized.

At the moment, the school’s vehicle fleet consists of three new branded Hyundai Accent cars, a Forte motorcycle and a SkyBike electric scooter. Training rooms are equipped with modern furniture and multimedia equipment, and experienced instructors and masters will conduct classes.

Since May 6, the A, A1 and B drivers training course will begin. Those who wish to open C, C1, CE and D categories will be able to start classes in September. To start training at the Foundation’s social driving school, it is necessary to register by clicking the link, be sure to indicate the category and send all the necessary documents.

School teachers say: there are a lot of people who want to study, because not every day youth has the opportunity to get free quality education. “We are waiting for guys and girls who are interested in additional technical education and learning to drive. I hope the young people will be able to use the chance given them, will make all their efforts, will be attentive and diligent, and in the future they will be competent drivers,” the director of the driving school Volodymyr Poplavsky said.

Young people do not hide emotions and enthusiasm. “I really wanted to get a driver’s license, so I was going to get a job in the summer to pay for the courses. I didn’t have confidence that I could get into a driving school this year. And now I can learn driving for free. This is unexpected gift and valuable help for young people. I thank Borys Viktorovich for real participation in the life of our city and teenagers,” the future student of the driving school Anastasia Ekimenko said.

Recall, over the past six months, in Donetsk Oblast, the Borys Kolesnikov Foundation installed six new elevators in the Kostiantynivka high-rise buildings, opened the School of Cooking on the basis of the Kostiantynivsky Professional Lyceum with free master classes, transferred to the schools and technical schools of the Oblast machinery and equipment for optimizing the educational process.

16 April 2019 18:39
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