Borys Kolesnikov awarded prizewinners of regional school competitions in the Donbas with a trip to Disneyland

Borys Kolesnikov awarded prizewinners of regional school competitions in the Donbas with a trip to Disneyland

On April 16, Borys Kolesnikov, President of the Charitable Foundation, met in Kramatorsk with prizewinners of the regional stage of the All-Ukrainian School Olympiad in Geography, Chemistry, Math, English and Physics.

They discussed the features of the current educational process, the motivation to study individual subjects, as well as the relevance and prestige of the future profession. Borys Kolesnikov focused on the significant demand for technical specialties with the obligatory knowledge of a foreign language and announced the opening of an annual educational project for high school students.

Also, the President of the Foundation awarded prizewinners of Olympiads with certificates for visiting Disneyland in Paris: Daria Harmash (Geography, Kramatorsk secondary school of I-III grades No.4), Yulia Petrenko (Geography, Slavyansk secondary school of I-III grades No.12), Andriy Redchenko (Chemistry, Kramatorsk secondary school of I-III grades No.26), Volodymyr Cherednik (Chemistry, Krasnopolianska secondary school of I-III grades), Vasyl Kabanov (Physics, Mariupol Technical Lyceum), Natalia Kotliar (Physics, Mariupol Technical Lyceum), Vladimir Sagan (Mathematics, Lymansk Lyceum), Mykhailo Noskov (Math, Kramatorsk secondary school of I-III grades No. 35 named after V.M Sheiman), Artem Agvanian (English, Mariupol Technical Lyceum) and Mykhailo Kolesnik (English, Bakhmut secondary school of I-III grades No.12). All students also received sweets from TM “Konti” from the hands of the President of the Foundation.

“Our Foundation implements open competitions for talented students of seven specialties; their winners attend prestigious exhibitions all over the world. However, we overlooked the high school students. Starting next year, the Foundation will launch an all-Ukrainian project for high school students – winners and prizewinners of regional and national competitions. We will think over the Rules, before the beginning of the new school year its rules will be known. We are talking about Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, English and Geography. These are the subjects which knowledge is necessary in the modern world. Now in Ukraine there is not conscientious language policy. Our children should know both Ukrainian and Russian. However, knowing English, it is possible to remotely get any education, make new acquaintances, discover the whole world. Therefore, I want children from all over Ukraine, who showed themselves at the Olympiads, to start discovering it for themselves from Disneyland. Maybe among these students will be those who will build it in our country in ten years!” Borys Kolesnikov said.

School trip to France will be held in June. Schoolchildren do not hide the joy of the upcoming trip, they say that they are pleasantly surprised by the gift from the Foundation, it gives motivation and an incentive to new knowledge.

“I have been studying hard enough in Chemistry since the sixth grade. I always liked this subject. I was ranked first at the regional stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Chemistry, although the competitiveness was very large. The gap between the first and second places amounted to only half a point. I plan to enter the Kyiv National University named after Taras Shevchenko. In the future, I see myself as a researcher; I want to do practical chemistry. This is a whole range of possibilities: the synthesis of new substances, the work on the creation of new medicines. In our country, the scientific potential is not very much appreciated, despite the fact that science has a future. Therefore, I want to thank the Borys Kolesnikov Foundation for the support of current students and future scientists,” school student Volodymyr Cherednik noted.

Recall, the Foundation has been implementing charity projects in the field of higher technical, secondary specialized and professional education for ten years; implements programs aimed at supporting sports, promoting a healthy lifestyle in Ukraine; conducts educational competitions for talented students and schoolchildren.
18 April 2019 17:31
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