Borys Kolesnikov: In five years, we will again see a peaceful and prosperous Donbas

Borys Kolesnikov: In five years, we will again see a peaceful and prosperous Donbas

The Prime Minister of the Opposition Government, Borys Kolesnikov, thanked the residents of Kostiantynivka and Druzhkivka, Kostiantynivsky and Pokrovsky districts, and the Illinivska hromada for the confidence and his nomination as a candidate for people’s deputies of Ukraine in the electoral district No. 49.

“For more than twenty years, my life and work have been inextricably linked with the Donbas. Five years ago, due to the war, I refused to enter the Verkhovna Rada at number one in the OPPOSITION BLOC party list. For five years, I have looked at the problems of the Donbas through the eyes of its inhabitants. As a philanthropist, I have focused on the implementation of social and sports projects for children and youth,” said Borys Kolesnikov at the Forum “With the Donbas in heart!”, at which residents of the Kostiantynivsky district supported his nomination to people’s deputies.

Nevertheless, according to the politician, the key to solving the problems of water supply and roads is not in Kostiantynivka and Druzhkivka, but in Kyiv. “That is why I have made the decision to enter parliament in the electoral district No. 49. Therefore, it is important for me to be the MP from the Donbas,” the opposition Prime Minister emphasized.

Borys Kolesnikov voiced the key points of his election program: to establish peace, revive the economy and achieve a socially tangible result for each family, return respect to the Donbas, make it the leading region of Ukraine.

“Ukraine needs simple and clear rules and, of course, the rule of law. I am going to parliament to remove all obstacles for the arrival of investors and to build modern enterprises of machine building, light food industry in the district, to create highly skilled jobs,” he noted.

The most pressing issue in the region, according to Borys Kolesnikov, is the lack of a stable water supply.

“I will personally undertake to restore reserve wells in the villages of the region. My specialists are already studying this situation on the spot. Also for the delivery of drinking water to the residents of Kostiantynivka, Oleksiivo-Druzhkivka, Kostiantynivsky district and the Illinivska hromada, I will rent and then purchase food tank trucks. I will do everything that depends on me, but I want to emphasize once again that the key to solving this acute problem lies at the level of Kyiv, and it must be solved not only locally, but also globally,” the opposition Prime Minister said.

Borys Kolesnikov also promised to pay special attention to education, road construction and the revival of the village.

“I am convinced that we will succeed in everything, and in five years we will again see a peaceful and prosperous Donbas, which we all love, are proud of, and that lives in our hearts,” Borys Kolesnikov emphasized.

18 June 2019 19:46
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