“Aviator 2019”: the contestants are on the verge of the final and a trip to Paris

“Aviator 2019”: the contestants are on the verge of the final and a trip to Paris

On March 5, the third qualifying stage of the large-scale educational competition for students “Aviator 2019” passed in the technical and aviation universities of the country. It’s held for the eighth time by the Borys Kolesnikov Foundation for young people who are interested in aviation and plan to realize themselves in the profession, as well as develop the domestic industry. At stake is a trip of hundreds of winners to the famous Air Show Le Bourget in Paris.

700 contestants entered the third round. As part of the stage, they passed the test of knowledge on the theory and history of aviation, answered the tests and open questions of the expert board of the project.

The President of the Foundation, Borys Kolesnikov, welcomed the participants of “Aviator 2019” and stressed that knowledge of the fundamentals and stages of development of one of the most complex branches of modern science and technology is essential for current students. “ Knowing the basics of aviation, the history of the creation and improvement of aircraft, important dates, milestones of biographies, young engineers, pilots, designers rule the future. Today, many skeptics say that Ukrainian aviation has no future, but everything depends on the authorities. And I am absolutely sure that it will be. Contestants have overcome one of the most interesting qualifying rounds, the most difficult one is ahead – it’s the final. I want to wish success to all of them, each of them is worthy of victory and a trip to France,” Borys Kolesnikov noted.

At the end of the third round, 250 finalists will be chosen. In April, they will present their business ideas, start-ups and the development of the jury of “Aviator 2019”, which includes the best representatives of the aviation industry.

One hundred authors of the most promising and relevant projects will be awarded a trip to the prestigious 53rd International Air Show Le Bourget to Paris. There, they will experience new products and achievements of the global aerospace industry, meetings with professionals, workshops and master classes. Also, students will visit the famous amusement park Disneyland.

“My dream is to get to Le Bourget and see with my own eyes a spectacular air show, huge passenger liners, flying robots, tiny drones, stylish jets, super-powerful military equipment, and even the developments of leading global corporations that ordinary students from Ukraine can only watch on specialized Internet -resources. For the sake of my dream I overcome in “Aviator” stage by stage, I repeat the material I have studied at the university, I even study with a tutor. The equator of the competition is behind, literally one step left to win. I believe in myself, ” Serhiy Ivanov, a contestant from the National Aerospace University named after Zhukovsky “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” said.

Recall, the Borys Kolesnikov Foundation has been implementing educational competitions for creative and motivated young people for ten years. The winners of charitable initiatives attend specialized exhibitions around the world, adopt best practices and apply it in native Ukraine. This season, “Aviator” has been joined by 8,500 contestants from 50 universities.

06 March 2019 17:59
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