Artur Martovytskyi: Harvesting is in jeopardy due to fuel storage licensing

Artur Martovytskyi: Harvesting is in jeopardy due to fuel storage licensing

The future harvesting campaign is in jeopardy because of the ridiculous laws passed by the pro-government coalition in the Verkhovna Rada. This was stated during a briefing in parliament by Artur Martovytskyi, MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC.

The politician called on his colleagues from Verkhovna Rada to urgently adjust the terms for licensing fuel storage facilities. “The problem is that before July 1, most enterprises, especially farms, must pass licensing procedure for storing fuel. This applies to each of the objects of storage – blocks, barrels, which in many farms remained from the time of the collective farms. The law that amended the Tax Code in connection with the adoption of the Law “On Electronic Fiduciary Services” requires this from farmers,” the MP said.

According to him, taking into account the field work on the collection of early grain crops, it is simply impossible to obtain a license for each fuel storage facility within the specified period, because it requires the preparation and approval of a huge amount of permits, namely, title documents, acts of commissioning of objects, permissions to perform works of increased danger.

“Moreover, the relevant body under the Tax Service of Ukraine, which should be engaged in this licensing, has not yet been created, and the responsibility has already been provided for,” the oppositionist noted.

Artur Martovytskyi stressed that failure to comply with licensing requirements in a timely manner entails a fine in the amount of UAH 500 thousand, which for most farms can be grounds for disrupting the harvest campaign.

According to the politician, the corresponding changes in the law were signed by the former President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, who could see how ridiculous the law he signed. “Was it done intentionally to thwart the field work to hundreds of thousands of farmers, and with this the harvest of 2019?” the politician asked.

Artur Martovytskyi called on parliament to concentrate on solving this problem. “We must either decide to renew the previous rule of law in action, or postpone the deadline for obtaining a license for fuel storage facilities for the autumn period of the current year after all agricultural work,” the opposition politician noted.

30 May 2019 13:47
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