Artur Martovytskyi demanded the government to reduce the financial burden on local communities

Artur Martovytskyi demanded the government to reduce the financial burden on local communities

As a result of the reform of local self-government, the state budget began to withdraw three times more funds from the budget of the Pavlohrad district, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast - from 25 million in 2016 to almost 76 million in 2019. At the same time, not all united communities are able to fully support themselves,” Artur Martovytskyi, MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC, told.

According to him, in Pavlohrad district, out of four united communities only three have enough funds for development, thanks to the payments of coal industry enterprises. However, the largest in size and population Mezhirichsk united community is financially untenable.

Artur Martovytskyi assures that the subsidy received from the state in the amount of UAH 3.8 million is not enough to fully meet all the needs of the community. In addition, according to the oppositionist, there are not enough funds in the district for the maintenance of the Boguslavsky village council, which was not included in any of the united communities, since after their creation; revenues to the district budget were reduced.

“If until 2015 Pavlohrad district was financially independent and powerful, provided infrastructure development, while giving the state UAH 23 million, today it has become subsidized. It receives a subsidy of only 1.8 million if necessary 19 million.

As a result, many district programs are underfunded, said the MP. This situation is across the country.”

Artur Martovytskyi demanded the Cabinet of Ministers to reduce the financial burden on local communities.

“I appeal to Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman and the Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova – stop the shameful policy of unbalancing budgets, especially in those localities that remained outside the united communities,” the MP noted.

22 March 2019 16:56
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