Andriy Halchenko: The state should stimulate young professionals

Andriy Halchenko: The state should stimulate young professionals

Ukraine needs an early adoption of draft laws aimed at supporting young people. Otherwise, without motivation and financial support from the state, all our great scientific and educational opportunities will simply disappear, and our young specialists will be poached to other countries. Andriy Halchenko, MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC, said about this during a briefing in parliament.

He noted that the youth had repeatedly appealed to him with a request to understand the cancellation of the previously appointed scholarships.

“In 2016, my colleagues and I developed and submitted a draft law No. 5130-1 on preventing the deterioration of scholarships for students and university cadets. It provided for the return of a guaranteed scholarship in the amount of one subsistence minimum for young people who are fully supported by the state, for miners and their children, for applicants of educational degrees in higher education, and also in the amount of 2/3 of the subsistence minimum for junior bachelor. But since we have been in opposition to the authorities, our draft laws are either blocked or not put to a vote at all in the Verkhovna Rada,” the MP said.

According to Andriy Halchenko, it is necessary to return the possibility of assigning personal scholarships to persons who have achieved significant academic success and a guaranteed increase of 50% scholarships for orphans and children deprived of parental care. Also in the program of the opposition there are the following items:

- Provide the first jobs for young professionals;

- The first higher education in the specialties of the real sector of the economy, industry, construction, IT-technologies, agriculture and services - for free.

- Local authorities should receive full funds for the development of vocational education;

- Tax benefits for business after hiring a young specialist.

“We will insist on accepting our proposals, because the future of our young people here in our native land really depends on it. Having rejected political disagreements, we should think now about their future, rather than ours!” Andriy Halchenko concluded.

05 June 2019 14:41
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