Oleksiy Bilyi: Kyiv should enter into direct negotiations with Moscow and Donbas

Oleksiy Bilyi: Kyiv should enter into direct negotiations with Moscow and Donbas

The OPPOSITION BLOC consistently advocates negotiations at all levels and in all formats for the sake of ending the war in the Donbas. This was stated by MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC, Oleksiy Bilyi, on the “Vazhlive” program on the “Nash” TV channel.

“The record high level of trust in President Volodymyr Zelensky is citizens’ expectations of fulfilling his promises of peace, negotiations, and the exchange of prisoners. Now it is vital to resume the work of the trilateral group in the Minsk format, and the dialogue at the highest level in the Normandy format, but it is also necessary to conduct direct negotiations with Donetsk, Luhansk and Moscow,” the politician emphasized.

According to him, as a result of the conflict in the east, Ukraine is losing both people and economic potential. Thus, the annual losses from the economic blockade of the Donbas for our country are estimated at one billion dollars – these are unpaid taxes by Ukrainian enterprises of the Donbass, these are people who do not receive wages and pensions there.

“We all say that we should start a dialogue with the Donbas, but in fact such actions of the Ukrainian state only repulses the region. Let us remember that in Crimea the disaster happened for the same reason – the annexation became possible due to the radical statements of the authorities about the ban of the Russian language and a sharp reversal towards the nationalist ideology. Therefore, the state policy on the return of territories today should be reasonable. The regions need maximum decentralization, including humanitarian. In public administration, we need experienced professionals who are supported by people and local self-government, rather than new faces,” Oleksiy Bilyi emphasized.

18 June 2019 13:28
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