Oleksandr Vilkul: After winning the elections, in Dnipro I will complete the bypass, run the subway, as well as create a quality international airport

Oleksandr Vilkul: After winning the elections, in Dnipro I will complete the bypass, run the subway, as well as create a quality international airport

At a large-scale forum, a candidate for the post of President from the OPPOSITION BLOC, Oleksandr Vilkul, presented a Targeted Programme for Dnipro.

The “Joint Peace Initiative” Forum has brought together more than four thousand residents of Dnipro. The opposition presidential candidate Oleksandr Vilkul told about his Targeted Development Programme for the city, which was developed with representatives of labor collectives and public organizations.

He stressed that after the victory he would return respect to the people of work. The opposition leader guarantees the worker city peace, economic growth and government support.

According to Vilkul, his Targeted Development Programme of Dnipropetrovsk includes five directions:

1. 100% of the ecological tax and 50% of the tax on the profits of enterprises will remain in Dnipro and will go towards improving the environment, modernizing enterprises, developing infrastructure and special environmental payments to residents.

2. Restoration of the full list of №1 and №2, which give the right to a preferential pension for those employed in hazardous industries.

3. New infrastructure. I will provide public investment for the development of the infrastructure of Dnipro and in three years, I will run the subway, complete a bypass, as well as create a high-quality international airport.

4. The introduction of real energy-saving technologies to reduce the energy consumption of resources in homes and payments for communal. Such a project has already been implemented in Berlin, and the heat consumption is reduced by 50–60% there.

5. After winning the elections, we will finish radicalism in a matter of days, and our veterans and residents of Dnipropetrovsk will celebrate May 9 and other holidays in complete safety.

Vilkul noted: “Regarding the renaming of the Oblast to Sicheslavska and the prohibition of the Russian language. I will ensure the adoption of a law on local referendum and carry out humanitarian decentralization. Not deputies in Kyiv, but residents of localities will determine how to name their streets, cities and regions, what language to speak, what holidays to celebrate and what monuments to put.”

The forum participants sharply criticized the current authorities, which for five years has been plundering our country, turning it into a cemetery of factories, making people beggars. Regarding retirement and medical experiments, called by the authorities as reforms, the forum participants strongly demanded to immediately cancel them after a reboot of the authorities after the elections.

“We choose not only the President, but also the team. I have thousands of signatures. They were gathered by people for the resignation of the nurse Suprun. With the knowledge of the President, she closes hospitals, makes medicine fully paid. Mortality exceeds the birth rate already two times. After the victory, I will stop this mockery. We will introduce insurance medicine. The state will pay insurance for children, pensioners and state employees, and the company will pay for employees. There will be money for the increase in salaries to doctors, and on new equipment and improvement of treatment,” Oleksandr Vilkul emphasized.

28 March 2019 10:40
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