Oleksandr Vilkul urged the Verkhovna Rada to adopt laws to protect people from bank collectors driving them in the street

Oleksandr Vilkul urged the Verkhovna Rada to adopt laws to protect people from bank collectors driving them in the street

Hundreds of families with children affected by the genocidal banking policy of Poroshenko-Hontareva, are holding a rally under the walls of the Presidential Administration, some of them plan to live in tents, they no longer have houses — they have driven out of a single housing by bank collectors.

Oleksandr Vilkul, one of the leaders of the OPPOSITION BLOC, speaking from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada urged his colleagues to consider and adopt draft laws for the protection of the rights of borrowers and depositors as soon as possible. All draft laws have long been submitted to parliament, only political will is necessary for their adoption, the oppositionist said.

“Now, under the Presidential Administration, there are families that have been driven out by bank collectors from their own apartments. They were expelled to the street with children! Some of them were expelled at night! Of course, the genocidal banking policy of Poroshenko-Hontareva have led them to this. Schemes with fluctuations in the course, total collapse of the hryvnia and the destruction of the banking system (100 banks closed) turned into a collapse for the country and a real grief for the people,” Vilkul said.

He stressed that thousands of families with children remained homeless over the past two years. “People took out loans for the only housing in foreign currency, and after the collapse of the course and loss of work, they cannot repay debts. Considering that due to the huge interest rates on loans and the collapse of the national currency, some have already overpaid the full cost of apartments. There are families who plan to live in tents under the walls of the Presidential Administration. They have nowhere else to go,” the oppositionist noted.

While their leader, Julia Salo, is trying to bring to the President the current state of affairs about the violation of people’s constitutional rights, Vilkul demanded the Rada Committee on Family Issues to raise the issue, including the violation of children’s rights. “They are not to blame for the fact that because of the actions of the power, they and their parents were deprived of their housing,” the MP said.

To protect the people, Vilkul also demanded to submit the draft laws of the OPPOSITION BLOC to the parliament.

“The first draft law, No. 2176 (of February, 19, 2015), prohibits the use of a notary’s executive inscription, by means of which apartments are now selected without a court decision. The second draft law No. 2323 (of March 5, 2015) provides for limiting the borrower’s liability to the subject of a pledge. In the mortgage, this is the well-known principle of “keys on the table”, because there are confiscations of people’s apartments, but they remain debtors,” Vilkul said.

19 June 2019 19:12
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