Oleksandr Vilkul: President Zelensky should remove the country from external management and revise the terms of cooperation with the IMF

Oleksandr Vilkul: President Zelensky should remove the country from external management and revise the terms of cooperation with the IMF

According to the World Bank report, in order to catch up with the current indicators of Poland, Ukraine will need 50 years. Speaking from the rostrum of parliament, Oleksandr Vilkul, one of the leaders of the OPPOSITION BLOC faction, said: “Every day the situation gets worse and worse in Ukraine. What is it necessary to do? This initiative should be taken by the newly elected President, who is the source of hope for us. First, it is necessary to remove the country from external control.

To do this, it is necessary to revise the terms of cooperation with the IMF, which says to sell the land, and then carry out “reforms”, and in fact – genocidal social experiments on Ukrainians. And if not, it is necessary to have the courage to refuse to cooperate under these humiliating conditions. It is also necessary to revise the provisions of the economic part of the Association with the EU, which is why we are not allowed into the European markets.”

He stressed that the OPPOSITION BLOC is ready to consider and vote for all the draft laws necessary for this.

According to Oleksandr Vilkul, in addition to economic issues, the President can also before the re-election of parliament, initiate decisions in which the participation of MPs is not required.

“It is necessary to stop the war and start with the lifting of the blockade of the Donbas – transport, energy, economic and, most importantly – humanitarian. The blockade of the Donbas was introduced by decree of President Poroshenko, who represented the gang that robbed people and profited from the war. Therefore, technically, the blockade of the Donbas can be lifted by decree of President Zelensky, and he must do this if he wants peace. This is the first,” the oppositionist said.

“Secondly,” added the MP, “it is necessary to enter into direct negotiations with the Russian Federation, because this is the only real way to end the war. It is necessary to conduct an exchange of prisoners “all for all”, without exception. We have prepared all the necessary draft laws under the Minsk agreements. They are 11. And these draft laws must be considered in parliament, because this is what the people of Ukraine need.”

Another step that the President must take is to reduce utility tariffs, Vilkul stressed.

“Tariffs were raised by the government decree, so technically, in order to reduce tariffs, President Zelensky does not need a parliament. By his decree, the President can cancel the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers and reduce utility tariffs. And the whole of Ukraine and, I am sure, the whole session hall will applaud him,” he noted.

Addressing politicians, Vilkul said: “It is necessary to think about people, about Ukraine, rather than about our ratings prior to the elections.”

28 May 2019 15:18
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