Oleksandr Vilkul is the President, who will return peace and development to the country

Oleksandr Vilkul is the President, who will return peace and development to the country

In Mariupol, at the regional forum “Joint Peace Initiative”, a single candidate for the presidency of Ukraine from the opposition forces presented an action plan to achieve peace. Six months after the election of Oleksandr Vilkul, the peace Donbas will be in a united Ukraine.

The arena of the basketball club “Azovmash” in Mariupol was filled to capacity: the regional forum “Joint Peace Initiative” was held here. Candidate for President of Ukraine Oleksandr Vilkul and his team presented an action plan for achieving peace in the Donbas for the residents. The forum was also attended by MPs of Ukraine Yevhen Muraiev and Oleksiy Bilyi.

                                         With a hope for a bette

Opening the forum, a trustee of the candidate for President of Ukraine Oleksandr Vilkul, deputy of the Mariupol City Council Serhiy Magera, gave a speech. According to him, for Mariupol, as a city of workers and metallurgists, the peace is not only calm and no fear for their children and loved ones, it is also an opportunity to work and earn. Serhiy Magera said why he supports the candidacy of Oleksandr Vilkul at the presidential election: “Oleksandr Vilkul is a productive worker, he has experience not only in managing the enterprise, but also experience in the Cabinet of Ministers, he is able to clean up the economy, attract investments for the modernization of production. It is time to launch the program of innovation and development that he offers.”

Deputies of the Mariupol City Council from the OPPOSITION BLOC spoke in support of Oleksandr Vilkul. According to Iryna Dudina, the city develops, becomes more modern and comfortable, but in order to preserve and enhance these achievements, there is the need in peace, the possibility of development and respect for the principles of social justice, and for this, we need professionals such as Oleksandr Vilkul.

The head of the city organization of the OPPOSITION BLOC in Mariupol, the secretary of the Mariupol City Council Stepan Mahsma stressed that the coordinated work of the Mariupol City Council, in which the majority are members of the faction from the OPPOSITION BLOC, gives good results, “Mariupol develops and becomes more beautiful. Thanks to the well-coordinated and efficient work of our consolidated team, we managed to win the highest level of trust in the population among the cities of Ukraine.”

MP, head of the Donetsk regional organization of the political party OPPOSITION BLOC, Oleksiy Bilyi, said, “I am pleased that the forum is being held in Mariupol, where almost all representatives of the Azov Sea region have gathered. The most important thing that we need today is peace; people must cease to die. We should develop the economy, medicine, education, utilities, solve the problems of pensions. It is necessary to transfer more powers to the regions, reduce officials, among whom corruption is rampant. All this is provided in the program of Oleksandr Vilkul and his team.”

                                Non-aligned status and neutralit

The forum participants welcomed the head of the political party “OUR”, Yevhen Muraiev, who supported Oleksandr Vilkul as the only candidate for the President of Ukraine from the opposition forces. The politician told about his vision in resolving the military conflict in Ukraine.

“Today, the peace is the most important issue. There are four necessary components for our country to become peaceful again. First, it is necessary to get rid of the external control of our country, and for this, we need to re-elect the authorities, choose those who will build the foreign policy of Ukraine as a policy of an independent equal state. Secondly, Ukraine must be a non-aligned neutral state, this will be a guarantee that the war will end. The external course of the state should be determined by the people, rather than politicians. Third, it is necessary to develop new rules of coexistence. We live in a single beautiful multinational multicultural country. By preserving what we have and creating new rules, we can ensure the territorial integrity of Ukraine, the development of our state and the unification around the model of the future, where Ukraine is strong and equal among other countries, and people are prosperous, happy and confident in the future. We propose to conduct a full decentralization, including cultural, this underlies the resolution of the conflict of military confrontation. We have registered a draft law on a local referendum, according to which residents themselves will determine how to name their cities, streets, what holidays to celebrate and what monuments to build, what religious communities should be and how many languages should be used. The fourth is the issue of reconciliation. We have developed a draft law on amnesty.”

The politician urged to support the candidacy of Oleksandr Vilkul at the presidential election – as a single candidate from the constructive part of the OPPOSITION BLOC.

                    “President, who will return the peace to the country”

Forum participants greeted Oleksandr Vilkul with applause, who noted that he had been to our city many times, in particular at the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works and Azovstal. One of the visits was related to the provision of assistance to victims of the terrorist attack on the Vostochny microdistrict in 2015.

Candidate for President of Ukraine spoke about the decision to unite the opposition: “All the real opposition united in order to show the current authorities that there is another, peaceful, kind, economically successful Ukraine. I would call our unification with Yevhen Muraiev the main event of this election campaign. We did what millions of our supporters wanted. We have united people, programs, resources, staffs. We are going to the presidential campaign together and in the fall, we will go to the parliamentary one. We have every chance of reaching the second round, which means winning, because the authorities know that in the second round I will win over anyone.”

Oleksandr Vilkul told about priority steps in case of his election as Head of State and ways to achieve peace in the Donbas: “I guarantee that on the very first day after my election as President, I will restart the negotiation process, which means that shooting will stop in a day or two. Fathers, sons, brothers from all sides will cease to die. To achieve sustainable peace, to completely end the war, it will take more time - 6 - 8 months. Our peace plan lies entirely in the logic of the Minsk process. Minsk agreements are correctly and competently spelled out. The problem is that no one tried to fulfill them. What should we do? We will immediately introduce a peacekeeping contingent from neutral and traditionally friendly countries to us, create a temporary administration under the UN auspices in an uncontrolled territory, hold elections on Ukrainian legislation with the participation of Ukrainian political parties. This is the creation of legal and economic prerequisites for the return of refugees, the adoption of a program to restore the Donbas. I guarantee that in six months after my election as President, the peaceful Donbas will be in a united Ukraine, we will forget about the war, as a terrible dream.”

The politician criticized the pension, medical and educational reforms, as he considers them antisocial, and promised to cancel in case his coming to power.

In addition, Oleksandr Vilkul presented a support program designed for Mariupol: “We must solve the transport problem. All roads should be repaired. The railway should function normally and have a large carrying capacity. We will give a state order for “Azovmash”, which has been idle for three years; the enterprise will manufacture tanks and wagons for the Ukrainian railway. We will carry out real decentralization: 100% of the income tax, 50% of the tax on the profits of operating enterprises and 100% of the environmental tax should remain in the city. Now the environmental tax funds are coming to Kyiv and disappearing in the bottomless pockets of the authorities. If this money remains in Mariupol, it will be used to modernize enterprises, purchase filters, and purify water. These funds can be spent on environmental supplements to pensions and salaries.”

At the end of his speech, Oleksandr Vilkul addressed the Mariupol residents: “I will work a lot, honestly and selflessly, I want to go down in history as the President, who restored the peace to the country, raised the economy and gave a normal future to us and our children.”

         Vilkul will be able to ensure peace, stop corruption and change the country

Mariupol residents who came to the meeting told about the hopes they pin on the presidential candidate Oleksandr Vilkul.

Raisa Grekova, pensioner:

“We believe him; he has a good team, consisting of reputable people. The most important thing – Oleksandr Vilkul promises to provide the peace, to raise the industry. However, for us it is important, because we live in the industrial city of metallurgists. I have worked for 35 years at the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works”.

Olga Reshetnyak, pensioner:

“I have worked for 30 years at “Azovmash”, and I receive a pension of only UAH 2000. I think that our candidate will restore “Azovmash”. Oleksandr Vilkul is an industrialist, and he will do everything to make the industry work. For the country, this is decent pensions, high salaries, and a good future for our children.”

Anton Zaitsev, repairman:

“I’ve come to a meeting with a candidate for the presidency of Ukraine, as he has a serious program. This is the peace, the end of the war, a stable economy, the revival of industry. I hope that he will be able to provide decent wages for all workers.”

Yevhen Tokiy, sailor:

“I expect from Oleksandr Vilkul a radical change in the situation in the country. The current state of affairs in the state does not suit me radically. This applies to any sphere and industry. However, my biggest hope is for changes in the fight against corruption, as it really kills Ukraine. I have a ten-year-old son, and I want him to live in a normal country.”

Tatyana Kirkina, a pensioner, a resident of the village of Mykolske:

“We are expecting a change for the better. We hope that Oleksandr Vilkul will be able to implement pension reform in the interests of the people. He will have to solve problems in health care, education, job creation for our youth. It’s time to change everything in the country!”

Inna Dunai, employee:

“We wanted to personally see Oleksandr Vilkul and his team, to get to know them better. We like the program of this candidate; the work of Vilkul and his associates inspires confidence. We want them to justify our trust. We hope he will be able to reduce utility bills, raise wages and pensions.”
21 March 2019 17:36
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