Oleksandr Vilkul: The OPPOSITION BLOC is the only political force that has a clear program how to strengthen the economy

Oleksandr Vilkul: The OPPOSITION BLOC is the only political force that has a clear program how to strengthen the economy

“Not slogans, but working enterprises will ensure a real increase in wages and pensions. We are going to the new parliament to do this,” Oleksandr Vilkul, one of the leaders of the OPPOSITION BLOC said on the “Opposition” program on the “Ukraine” TV channel.

According to the oppositionist, each item of the program is supported by specific draft laws. “The economy is not for the sake the economy. The economy is for decent jobs, high wages, decent pensions and a normal standard of living,” he said.

This economic program, in view of the MP, includes, among other things, economic security, which is inextricably linked with communal tariffs. “Is it possible to increase production of Ukrainian gas? Yes, it is. In terms of proven reserves, our country ranks second in Europe. Is it done? No, of course, it is not being done. What reasons? Corruption. As for the reduction of tariffs, we all know that Ukrainian state gas, which produces the Ukrainian state-owned enterprise “Ukrgazvidobuvannya”, is 100% enough to meet the needs of housing and communal services (at home, schools, hospitals, the needs of the population, etc.). Therefore, we have a clear and understandable draft law, thanks to which tariffs can be reduced more than twice,” Vilkul said.

For this, the oppositionist proposed the following formula: “We take the cost price, add transportation, VAT, 15% profitability and legally fix such a gas price. We are all told fairy tales that the tariffs cannot be reduced. No, they can. They have been raised 11 times for five years. According to our formula, heat prices are also automatically reduced.”

Oleksandr Vilkul also noted a package of draft laws of the OPPOSITION BLOC to support the coal industry. “When the Ukrainian 33 state-owned mines have billions in wage arrears, half of the Cabinet of Ministers gathers in the port, puts a hand on the heart and sings the anthem when American coal arrives – is this our way? Of course not. The same thing happens with electricity. To bring order to “Energoatom” and hydropower (this is 70% of Ukrainian electricity, and these are state-owned enterprises) is also a reduction in tariffs,” the oppositionist said.

In addition, the oppositionists offer more than 30 draft laws for the development of high-tech industries. “This includes mechanical engineering (Dnipro and Kharkiv), and shipbuilding (Odesa, Kherson, Mykolaiv), this is the IT industry and many others. These are clear, understandable, specific programs. We set a very ambitious task: to bring Ukraine into the top 30 leading economies of the world for five years. Can this be done? Yes, it can. It is necessary to have a wish to work and be able to work,” Oleksandr Vilkul summarized.

29 June 2019 12:48
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